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How can I find cheap flights?

Noboby wants to pay more when you can pay less for the same thing. Hw to be smart about buying flight tickets for as little as possible? Below you'll find a handful of tips you might want to use when planning a trip.

  • Tip number 1: Follow low-cost airlines on social media or subscribe to their newsletter to get fresh news. Flight deals are not always top secret. Airlines may announce the sale on their website or social media but you can easily miss the information if you don't follow them. Which arilines should you follow? We suggest your local airlines as well as other carriers ranked as cheap airlines like Easy Jet, Kenya Airways, Ryanair, Fly540, or Hahn Air Systems.

  • Tip number 2: Timing in the key. Looking for deals on Saturday evening will get you miesarable results. Yeah you and the rest of the world sparking ideas on the weekend about where might we fly this year for summer holiday. It's not the way to go unless you don't mind paying extra. You'll see a different story on Wednesday morning or at night – stay up late and sneak upon a flight deal, or snooze and loose. We recommend a clever mobile app. The one with a cheap flight search engine and notifications of cheap flights becoming really cheap (eSky has one available). Finding deals is also about flexibility – first hunt for a bargain then pack your bags, not the other way around.

  • Tip number 3: plan far in advance. When new connection becomes available it is often announced with lower prices to beckon passengers to fill it out as early as possible. After a while prices get higher and airlines rarely sell out last seats for less. Give yourself plenty of time and this way you'll see more options to spend less and live more. A cheap flight search engine will also be of good help.

Where can I find cheap flights?

Our team summarised the most popular and effective ways of finding flight deals.

  • Tip number 1: Airline membership is a celever way to get discounts on your journeys when you mostly travel with the same airline. Follow various airlines on their social pages, or subscribe to their newsletter in order to find out about deals they provide. Each airline has also their own flight search engine so you may use them directly to find flights.

  • Tip number 2: people will show you the way. Online groups and communities are happy to share their tips and tricks whenever they find worthy deals just join in groups and find out what's going on. It does require some flexibility to be able to get advantage of the offers. However you get a great support from experienced flight hunters and it's really valueable.

  • Tip number 3: Find a good cheap flights search engine which collects and combines information from many different sources not just single airline. A good and desireable result will come from an engine which has access to data from several hundreds airlines like the eSky one. It's a real time saver plus it is very user friendly. Ask a question like “where can I fly cheap from Kenya” or “what are the prices of airline tickets to Madagascar?” You'll love it.

How can I search for cheap flights?

Before making a search on the cheap flights search engine, eSky will ask you to provide some details about your journey:

  • Is multi-city journey an option? Is it a round trip or one-way? Multi-city journeys can get you the cheapest pricing. Flexibility can save you money. Pick ariports of departure and arrival, select time and dates, pick arrival date if you selected round trip. If you're travelling with somebody, add number of co-passengers with their age (infants, childres, teenagers, adults). Would you like to travel in economy, economy premium, business or first class? Pick your selection.

  • “Search” button gets results automatically. You can view a long list of results meeting your criteria with details like airline names, departure and arrival time and dates, total travel time, airports names, transfers and a price per person as well as booking conditions.

  • Filter the results on eSky cheap flight search engine with additional criteria like less transfers, specific airport names, departure times or airlines. Go to the 'Best prices' tab, with the most attractive offers or 'Cheapest flights +/- 3 days' – where open departure date widens possibilities. Check out if there are better deals of cheap flights looking at a few days ahead or back. Ready to book your flight tickets?

  • How to book cheap flights?

    There's nothing complicated in the booking part but you have to get prepared. Click 'Select' – wait a moment to allow the system checking if the connection is still available. Read through all flight details and information about the ticket booking process not to miss anything, read carefully as this is the important part. If you consider buying travel insurance this is where you'll find information about it.

    Now get your document ready and provide required details for the booking: name and surname (same as on your ID), gender, DOB, the number of checked luggage items. Then select preferred payment method and provide details from the payment card. An additional online check-in option is available for a small fee. When all details are entered correctly, click Book and pay. The ticket is yours!

  • Cheap flights to Kenya and abroad

    All-in-one is a great option especially when you can decide on various bits of the experience you design. For example, if you select “Flight + Hotel” option you can get an additional discount on your accomodation. Check out car rental options, car park prices and book everything at one go saving time.

    In Kenya you can also fly on so called domestic flights within the country for examples from Jono Kenyatta airport to Mombasa Moi airport. Dig into “Deals” tab to check-out offers of low-cost flights including domestic and international connections in Kenya, prices starting even at 8143 KES (74 USD).

    Flight radar is a wonderful option which – when you turn it on – will be able to inform you about tickets offered by low-cost airlines such as Kenya Airways, Fly540, or Hahn Air Systems. Just click on eSky website and off you go.

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